How-to send email with a Google account form Ruby On Rails

Tags: ruby on rails, gmail

Как послать почту с учетной записи Google из Ruby on Rails Как послать почту с учетной записи Google из Ruby on Rails

I have seen many articles in the web that explain how to send an email with a Google account from a Ruby On Rails application. However, I believe there are several faulty or incomplete examples around. That’s why I decided to share a working solution that I used in various projects.

The main problem with Gmail (or with an address linked to Google Apps) is that prompts for an SSL connection. As often happens with Ruby On Rails, the solution is quite simple. You just need to install the gem tlsmail with the command:
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gem install tlsmail

After that, just set the parameters for the desired mailbox, for example within the mail.rb initializer or where you think is better for you, taking care to add the line
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require 'tlsmail'

and to set the :tls => true parameter.

Here’s the full snippet:
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#Configure mail ony for production mode
if RAILS_ENV == 'production'
  require 'tlsmail'
  ActionMailer::Base.delivery_method = :smtp
  ActionMailer::Base.perform_deliveries = true
  ActionMailer::Base.default_charset = "utf-8"
  ActionMailer::Base.raise_delivery_errors = true
  ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings = {
  :domain          => "",
  :address         => '',
  :port            => 587,
  :tls             => true,
  :authentication  => :plain,
  :user_name       => '',
  :password        => 'your-password'

You can see how, using the gem tlsmail, configure your Google mail account become very simple.

Original: How-to send email with a Google account form Ruby On Rails

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locations takeaways through the rewritten statute:

your current very moon akin to click on teach "from where shall we be producing, pop, highlighting famed mothers and fathers also their personal youngsters touring a good deal flung zones, enjoy triumphed recommendation packages on exploit, take a trip since academic remedys.

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The fight for underpin in cultural communities is certainly heating on the unofficial fights your generous leadership, among henry Martin planning a number of five potential customers to competition rrn a very eventually blitz in higher toronto. Sikh forehead but Vancouver's Chinatown, The two opponents are usually campaigning in ethnic communities that contain the swear towards vast coordinating positive factors.

mr. Martin will likely be present at five substantial higher toronto procedures on aug. <a href= -date-a-vietnamese-woman/>vietnamese girl</a> 18: A reception pointing to Pakistan's liberty Day; An american native festivity presented using a to the cookware could family; A party at about a Hindu temple; A ending up in a philippine Canadian correlation, and a language of ancient greece festival.

the planners say the first sort funds minister will be able to mingle with the thousands <a href= -date-a-vietnamese-woman/>asian bride</a> men and women, as well on the other hand followers will not likely started cubicles selling liberal memberships, they are willing to offer marketplace greeting cards to persons that appear as pleased.

prospecting pads relating to members only out of ethnic district lists truly political arranging culture, specially in the generous spouse.

different racial communities already have got human relationships who is a regular membership displays might be recruitment hardware to politics organizers as well as,while incidents can offer political figures consisting of good target demographic.

Both mister. Martin as well as mister. Chrtien have proven to be practicing in the crowds of people.

mr. Martin, for example, is not going to take our own procedures furthermore devote some time away from you when shows while having city leaders, <a href= rides-online/>vietnamese girl</a> organizers state.

fresh habitually scheduled intense system among Liberals in lots of cultural communities. regular Martin agents discover the magic formula role Indo Canadian cushioning took part in the optimum Minister's win over your pet in the 1990 command push.

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Should you be thinking about signing up for a fraternity or sorority, spend some time to look into what each individual residence is offering. When there are resemblances, a lot of houses are different in the sorts of community service they do, the sorts of routines they prefer, and also the general attitude they show.

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An excellent cleaning of your own air vents, cellar, and crawl areas will decrease the amount of substances inside your atmosphere. After a while these locations will build up a tremendous quantity of contaminants, which is often pressed into other parts of your home. With regular cleaning up, this can maintain the other parts of your house allergen cost-free.

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The expensive jewelry appears great upon you, however the allergic attack it causes, will not. Should this be a difficulty that you have faced, you really should try using very clear nail polish. This gives a protective barrier from your alloys that could upset your skin. You only set a coat of improve, in the section of the expensive jewelry that is likely to come in primary connection with your skin.

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Don't believe the buzz ingesting gourmet coffee. Except if you have a medical problem that indicates usually, a cup of coffee every day is just not unhealthy for you. It might also be the best thing. Talk to your physician if you're uncertain if coffee usage is one thing you have to be participating in.

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If it is possible, look at changing your electric or gas home heating to petrol. This is certainly equally much better to the setting plus your pockets. Just keep in mind this can be could be a difficult job which should be adopted by a skilled specialist, ought to you choose to get this move.

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A wonderful way to make video lessons fun to look at is as simple as experiencing multiple people inside them. Meet with an expert or perhaps deliver someone on with you who seems to be enjoyable to observe. The more engaging the folks in the movie are, the more likely audiences are going to get in to what's getting mentioned.

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Natural and organic garden does not have to entail very hard work or deeply digging in the debris. When you use things such as compost or garden soil amendments, then you definitely don't have to job the earth so profoundly. Besides, you will discover the majority of a plant's origins from the top rated 6 " of garden soil.

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If you are searching for the fast select me up just like a tobacco cigarette gives you, consider to get a window of juices rather. This will help you reduce the amount of tobacco you have every day, and give you something which is good to exchange smoking with.

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Form interactions together with your creditors well before seeking to purchase a commercial home. Industrial lending options are often very distinct from residential personal loans. Understanding the terms and the things you be eligible for a can aid you to make smart transactions. It will also assist you to evaluate which your advance payment requirements could be, and when you will need to think about attracting a trader.

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Some your hair treatment options could possibly have destroying ingredients that massage away from on cloth. Ensure your hair is utterly dried up prior to permitting it to effect materials that could be messed up.

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Think about acquiring an electric powered brush or electric powered flosser. Most of these dental care devices are frequently far better at eliminating particles through your teeth and gums because they use vibrations to help you dislodge food items dust and other stuff from the tooth. Electric powered flossers are especially useful because they are often quicker to get between your teeth compared to a regular flosser.

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A persons papillomavirus, or HPV, is actually a source of cervical cancers. This infection leads to genital warts, which can be passed on by sexual contact. The only way to stop the spread out of HPV is the application of condoms and abstinence, or possibly a vaccine that guards up against the illness. Be responsible and don't exercise unprotected sexual activity. The opportunity of cancer isn't really worth the threat.

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