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Scratch your own itch

The easiest, most straight-forward way to create a great product or service is to make something you want to use. That lets you design what you know – and you will figure out immediately whether or not what you are making is any good.
At 37signals, we build products we need to run our own business. For example, we wanted a way to keep track of whom we talk to, what we said, and when we need to follow up next. So we created Highrise, our contact-management software. There was no need for focus-groups, market studies, or middlemen. We have the itch, so we scratched it.
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A new way of working

In the past each person at 37s has been pretty isolated. Everyone pretty much worked on their own own project. There was some overlap in a few spots, and occasionally a small team might come together to tackle something big, but most of the time it was every man for themselves.
We also had a tendency to pull people in different directions. We might ask someone to work on A, but then a few days later ask them to pitch in on project B, and then also ask them to help fix bug C. That makes settling into a focused zone really difficult. In 2010 we’re going to change that. Here’s how...
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