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80+ SEO Job Interview Questions

I’ve written a few questions that might help structure a SEO interview or even help someone get a SEO job.  I think though, there are a great deal of ways to answer many of these questions.  I’ve toyed with the idea of writing example answers but I think as long as you have a clear idea of the kind of answer you expect to hear back then this should do the trick.
A SEO interview needn’t be a long list of technical questions (as I expect many people might have differing perspectives anyway) but rather a chance for you, as the interviewer, to understand their technical SEO skills, depth of knowledge and interest the candidate has in SEO.
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How Google Really Wants You to Optimize Your Site

Does Google care for SEO? Yes, it does: from Google's SEO Starter Guide to help provided in the Google Webmaster Help Forum, the search engine is pretty transparent when it comes to how it prefers you to optimize your site for inclusion. We'll be discussing URL structure, TrustRank and duplicate content issues.
To start with a conclusion: if you do what they like, chances are your site will not only included, but also ranked better. And now let's go "in depth" and see, once and for all, how Google prefers you to optimize your site for its search engine.
All questions in this article were asked by users on Google Moderator Beta, Ask a Google Engineer.
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